Welcome to ListenWerks

Welcome to ListenWerks

Welcome to ListenWerksWelcome to ListenWerksWelcome to ListenWerks

About us


We believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to share messages, pass on history, and to connect people with one another.

With this in mind, we decided to start a company aimed at helping people tell their stories and connecting our storytellers with their intended audiences.

What We Do

Today we have two podcasts in our portfolio, and we're actively working to connect with more storytellers across a variety of mediums.  Whether it's an audio podcast, a YouTube channel, or a performance artist, we're working to promote and connect these storytellers with their audiences.  

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Are You A Storyteller?

Are You A Supporter of Storytellers?

Are You A Supporter of Storytellers?

Are you a podcaster, an aspiring YouTuber, a performance artist, or a visual artist?  

Let ListenWerks help you connect with your audience!


Are You A Supporter of Storytellers?

Are You A Supporter of Storytellers?

Are You A Supporter of Storytellers?

Maybe you just enjoy supporting storytellers in their endeavors?  Do you have a brand that you'd like to get in front of an engaged audience? 

Our Podcasts

Our Spoopy Podcast - A podcast about true crimes, murder mysteries, urban legends, and scary stories
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff - A podcast that discusses the week in LGBT history

Our Team



Thomas is the CEO and Founder of ListenWerks.  After a dip in corporate America, he's ready to help people tell their stories through ListenWerks.

Thomas is also a co-host on Let's Talk About Gay Stuff.



Spencer is the  Marketing Coordinator for ListenWorks.  He brings his creative talents and his marketing savvy to ListenWerks to ensure people's stories get heard!

Spencer is also a co-host on Our Spoopy Podcast.


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